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Graduate Research Assistantships

The Department of Agricultural Biology at Colorado State University has several graduate student research and teaching assistantships available in fields ranging from ecology to genomics. Projects concentrate on insects, plants (including weeds) or plant pathogens and the focus ranges from the molecular to the ecosystem level. Faculty seeking students and the general research areas are listed below.

Whitney Cranshaw: Management of insects affecting vegetables, woody plants, and residential structures.

John McKay: Physiology and genomics of drought adaptation; molecular and evolutionary basis of guard cell signal transduction.

Andrew Norton: Plant-insect interactions and the ecology of weed biological control systems.

Paul Ode: Behavioral and evolutionary ecology of plant-herbivore-parasitoid interactions; parasitoid sex allocation; biological control involving parasitoids.


Graduate Teaching Assistantships

361 – Elements of Plant Pathology (Spring)

365 – Integrated Tree Health Management (Fall)

308 – Ecology and Management of Weeds (Fall)

LIFE 102 – Attributes of Living Systems (Spring)

LIFE 320 – Ecology (Spring)

AGRI / IE 116 – Plants and Civilizations (Spring & Fall)


Students can enroll through or through the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology. The deadline for applications is January 15.

Application information:

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For more information and application instructions, please email our Graduate Student Coordinator, Janet Dill and the individual faculty listed above. CSU is an EO/AA employer.

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